How Mattress Toppers Help Customize Mattresses for Your Sleeping Needs

Many mattress buyers unconsciously assume they are stuck with their bedding’s “factory settings,” or its condition after purchase. This attitude may cause agitation or disappointment if a mattress is not up to par with a person’s sleeping standards. People have different body shapes and sizes, which causes them to experience specific pressure points when lying down to sleep. If you experience aches and pains from sleeping on your mattress, you may be tempted to throw it out or replace it, but there is a better solution you may want to try first.

If you use bedding made of mattress foam, your mattress is designed to change its shape according to the pressure your body exerts on it. However, a foam mattress is not always enough to get the perfect balance of support and comfort for your body. While many foam mattresses eventually soften over time, it can be difficult to sleep on a mattress that is too firm for you, even for a short time. For these situations, manufacturers have designed highly malleable foam mattress toppers that provide extra contouring for maximum comfort.

Toppers are not as large as a full mattress, but they add another layer of memory foam to your bedding that is thin enough to instantly mold itself into the right shape for your body. You can usually choose from 2, 3, or 4-inch varieties of mattress toppers, based on what suits your body the best. You can also choose from different mattress topper types such as the eggcrate foam toppers and latex foam toppers sold at The Foam Factory.

Eggcrate foam toppers use a unique shape (reminiscent of an egg crate) to maintain the support of a mattress’s base while using the eggcrate’s peak-and-valley pattern to relieve pressure on the hips and shoulders. This property makes eggcrate foam toppers ideal for side sleepers who put significant pressure on those areas. On the other hand, latex foam is ideal for sleepers who prefer a consistent texture on the topper’s surface. Furthermore, latex is hypoallergenic for most people, making it a suitable alternative for customers who wish to avoid sneezing, coughing, and itchy eyes.

5 Reasons It’s Time For Cushion Replacement

Nothing lasts forever, there comes a time when cushions need to be replaced. Here are five reasons for when the time is right to throw out the old and replace them with new cushions. Give an old sofa a new look choose cushion replacement which is a cost-effective way to redecorate and keep your favorite furniture.

Restoring the Sofa to its Former Glory

Sofa cushion replacement will give the sofa a new look and feel. It takes time to find the right sofa that is the perfect style, size, and color for your home. Wear and tear on the cushions causes them to become lumpy and flat replacing them returns the sofa to its original appeal. 

Extending the Life of the Sofa

It is possible to extend the life of the sofa by correctly maintaining it by replacing the cushions with new foam. This will make the sofa not only look attractive again but restore comfort and ensure that the sofa will be functional for more years to come.

Fast and Efficient

It is a quick, easy and convenient way to uplift an old sofa, measure the cushions and order the exact replacement foam size. Saving time and money this is a stress-free alternative to purchasing a new sofa.

Keep within a Budget

Replacing lounge furniture is expensive and upcycling and restoring a sofa will be much less expensive. Cushion replacement is an inexpensive way to give your lounge and sofa a makeover and stay within your budget.


Recycling your foam cushions is an environmentally conscious way of reducing landfills and your carbon footprint. Instead of throwing out the sofa change the cushions by replacing the foam and keep your sofa out of the landfill.

Designing An Effective Workspace

There are some factors you’ll want to pay attention to if you’re wanting to construct a productive and comfortable space to work and study, whether for a job or school. Let’s take a look at a few tips on how you can design an effective workspace.

Natural Lighting

The appropriate lighting may make all the difference in your productivity, whether you work from home or in an office. Working long hours in front of a computer can strain your eyes and vision, and the lighting above can only make your headache worse.

Natural lighting in the office can help reduce the quantity of blue light emitted by computer screens, which helps reduce headaches and eye strain.

Enough Plug Points

Another important element is the abundance of accessible outlets. Because your screen usage has grown over time, you’ll need a way to charge your devices and plug-in essential accessories like your laptop, cellphone, and printer. Keep in mind that the high voltage generated by these devices will almost certainly necessitate the use of a surge protector.

Outstanding Outdoor Area

Spring will be here sooner than you think. That means the weather will quickly be mild enough for you to begin spending more time on your patio so that you can work outside and enjoy the fresh air.

In the coming weeks, make time to inspect your outdoor furniture cushions, and seat cushions, to ensure they’re ready for spring and summer use. The Foam Factory has some of the best foam cushions for outdoors, which are high quality and comfortable.